SDG BALKAN is a shipping company established with a cause to provide logistics support regarding transport services to all companies operating in Serbia.


Thanks to the experience acquired during the realization of a project that involved a team formed of qualified and expert people, today SDG Balkan can offer wide range of highly efficient services at competitive prices to all economic operators in the Balkans.


SDG Balkan operates in the field of shipment of goods and related services. We also rely on an efficient international network of associates, thus guaranteeing fast and precise services with time accurate information that are available at all times to clients who want to send or receive their own goods at any global location.


Our company invests constant effort to improve its services, giving special consideration to assessments of its clients, in order to maintain a high standard of quality that represents our business "mission".

At the same time this mission represents a mutual goal for the entire team of SDG Balkan, where the experts share their individual experience working as one unit with one vision.

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